Reasons I invest in cryptocurrency

I remember years ago running across Bitcoin, it had to be between $1 – $100 at that time.

I reviewed a website on Bitcoin mining and took a little time to try and understand it, but I didn’t quite get what it was and what problem it was solving.  Years later when it became worth $16,000 I made the decision that I would never dismiss any new thing to quickly, and would take the time to try to fully understand it.

As I started to research blockchain technology and realize how much of a game changer it would be, it got me really excited.  Do you remember when the internet was created and huge companies like Amazon & Google were formed?

I was so young at that time but I wish I could’ve had the chance to invest in several of those dot-com companies formed in the nineties.  I believe this is our opportunity.  Blockchain technology without getting to technical will lead to a better internet and a new way of doing things.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies I only invest in coins and tokens that have a use case.  For instance, I believe Bitcoin in the long run will be a storer of value, comparable to gold.  I don’t think it will become a world currency because of its cost and speed per transaction.

Ripple’s XRP has a way better chance of becoming a world currency, but I don’t believe that is their end goal.  XRP would have a better use case being the train tracks not the train.  In the near future I believe we will have multiple digital currencies, and XRP wants to connect the dots.  Not just with cryptocurrencies, but with everything money related.

This is definitely not financial advice, but the future is clear to me.

Full disclosure, I’m invested in Bitcoin, XRP, and several other cryptocurrencies.  Cryptocurrencies will help to change the way we live, and lead to open doors of opportunity.

I wish I would have invested in Bitcoin early, and been a part of its massive growth.  But I know this is just the beginning and we have a wild, amazing ride ahead of us.

Images via CNBC, NY Post

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