Are you really productive, or just busy? / by Jessie Chambers

I've always had a love for creative things ever since I was young.  I started writing lyrics in elementary school, making music in high school, and even started coding websites (HTML) in my tenth grade business class.  When I was around 9 years old, I used to get my moms old computer with MS-DOS installed and try to create games.  I remember a game I used to play that involved pushing blocks around, I can't find it online anywhere.  

I have a love for music, but also anything that involves creating something from scratch, the creative process inspires and excites me.  I've also learned a lot over the years about myself, I guess you can say I've become more self aware.  I've spent a lot of time being extremely busy, but not productive.  In other words, I worked on things in the past with out an ultimate goal in mind.  I'll admit, when you're a creative person having freedom to do random things is great, but when you want to monetize your work it doesn't always pan out.  

I made the decision recently to always make sure productivity is at play, not busyness.  Being busy can feel really good, especially when you're trying to make something great.  If it doesn't contribute to the overall plan, it's just waisted energy and leads to burn out.