Mixing Drums in Logic Pro X - Beat Making by Jessie Chambers

Today I created a YouTube video on how I mix simple hip-hop beats.  I created this video for beginner producers or composers who need a few tips on how to remove the muddy sound from their tracks.  I'm going to start posting videos on a regular basis to form a community of creatives that want to grow.  

I won't just post tutorials, but several music business topics ranging from licensing to monetization.  Definitely subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are interested.  If you have any music topics you want me to discuss, mention it in the comments below.

The choice between Reason 9.5 and Logic Pro X. by Jessie Chambers

I've been producing and making beats for a very long time.  I started off on a very small beat machine (Boss DR-5), but when I transitioned to software, Reason was the first thing I ran into.  Maybe it would have been different at that time if I owned a Mac, but I was a PC user and Reason was the software of choice.  

Reason was very easy to use and creating great music became the primary objective, versus thinking about much on the technical end to get a better sound.  Plus tweaking to create unique sounds was a simple process.  I was a part of the Reason family from version 3 up to about 6.5.  The reason I transitioned to another software was because when I heard the effects, reverbs, and compressions coming out of the other option, I couldn't deny it was better than what Reason was offering.  What was the software?  You guessed it, Logic Pro X.  I absolutely love the sound I get from Logic, but I dislike the workflow.  With Reason everything was so easy, but in the beginning of my journey with Logic it was difficult to create, but I stuck with it.  

Eventually I got use to Logic, but I still had a better workflow in Reason.  After a while, Propellerheads released Reason 9.0 and it looked great so I purchased it.  It felt great to be working in Reason again!  But, I ended up running into the same issue, certain plug-ins just weren't cutting it for me.  I was looking for a certain sound and I couldn't get it out of my favorite program.  So what I decided to do is start using the Rewire feature to combine the great things about Logic Pro X and Reason 9.0.  I'm getting some great music out of it, but I'd rather work in one program.  

Recently Propellerheads announced that they have opened up Reason to all VSTs.  Great news!  I'm hoping that Reason 9.5 gives me the sound and power Logic Pro X gives, that would be amazing.  I've posted the video to the Reason 9.5 announcement below.  I will post my thoughts on the new changes in Reason once I get a crack at it.

Are you really productive, or just busy? by Jessie Chambers

I've always had a love for creative things ever since I was young.  I started writing lyrics in elementary school, making music in high school, and even started coding websites (HTML) in my tenth grade business class.  When I was around 9 years old, I used to get my moms old computer with MS-DOS installed and try to create games.  I remember a game I used to play that involved pushing blocks around, I can't find it online anywhere.  

I have a love for music, but also anything that involves creating something from scratch, the creative process inspires and excites me.  I've also learned a lot over the years about myself, I guess you can say I've become more self aware.  I've spent a lot of time being extremely busy, but not productive.  In other words, I worked on things in the past with out an ultimate goal in mind.  I'll admit, when you're a creative person having freedom to do random things is great, but when you want to monetize your work it doesn't always pan out.  

I made the decision recently to always make sure productivity is at play, not busyness.  Being busy can feel really good, especially when you're trying to make something great.  If it doesn't contribute to the overall plan, it's just waisted energy and leads to burn out. 



In The Beginning by Jessie Chambers

Over the last few years I've had the chance to work on some really cool projects.  It all started from my first couple of placements on MTV's Real World and Washington Heights.  This was very exciting, and the placements have continually rolled in since.  In this day and age, being a creative can be very difficult, especially doing it full time.  But over the last 7 years I've learned that we live in some special times, and in most cases the only person stopping your success is you.  

Will things be perfect?  No.  Will it be easy?  No.  That shouldn't stop you from writing a plan and going after it step-by-step.  I've always wanted to create a company that's all about doing things in a new way.  Everything has changed.  The music industry.  The book industry.  The film industry.  Every industry.  No one quite knows what to do and that's not a bad thing.  That's why I formed Chambers Creative... a unique music company, ready for the future.